Monday, 12 July 2010

Moonvisions Lunar Module

New from Moonvisions comes this resin kit of the Lunar Module from Gerry Anderson's UFO.
The kit is excellently cast in resin, together with some vac-form and metal tubing.
The kit comes in a sturdy box and is packed well.
Inside there is a resin base on the moon's surface,also in resin is the front, middle,ribbed section and engine.
There are two vac-form canopies depending if you wish to have clear glass or not.
Another bag contains 3 metal rods and 1 plastic. The plastic is for the engine bell and the metal are a support rod for the base and two for the edging of the ribbed section. There are 2 resin thrusters as well as 6 small resin bits, I've yet to determine what they are.
There is also a resin canopy if you prefer.
An extensive 7 page instruction sheet is supplied along with a picture of all parts supplied.
Then there is the decal sheet containing striping and wording.
The kit cost 74 Euros and is only available through the Eagle Transporter forum.

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  1. It's well nice isn't it? Just finished building mine - possible because there's no prep work to be done. Looking forward to see how your build goes.