Monday, 28 June 2010

Liberator progress

Rubbed down what seam lines there were on all parts.
I had to fill some seams with milliput plus some of the detail blocks were half missing on the guns. These were rebuilt from miliput.
Some of the vanes on the nose of the front section were partly missing. These were reconstructed out of plastic card and milliput.
As I was rubbing down one of the guns the rear end completely shattered due to it being so thin. I have rebuilt using plastic card and milliput.
The support arms for the guns were drilled out so I could insert support braces. One of the arms I could not drill into, I discovered that there was a large piece of metal rod inside. This was the only arm with this,odd.
The main body was drilled for the gun supports to be attached.
The supports have been attached to the gun pods with wire inserts, super-glued and milliput used to fill, then rubbed down with wet and dry.
Next up will be to attach the arms and guns to the main body. I just hope it can take the weight.


  1. Looking good though. And... nice ruler.

  2. Original 1977 Star Wars ruler from Helix.