Sunday, 25 July 2010

Nautilus Submarine

Had a sudden urge to dig out this Nautilus kit by Comet miniatures today. Don't know why as I've still to finish the Lunar Module and Liberator and that Predator.
Still, sat and cleaned it up this afternoon whilst watching Ferrari cheat their way to a win in the German Grand Prix.
The kit has been doing the rounds for years now and this current release comes in a plain brown box with a sheet of basic instructions.
The kit consists of 22 parts, resin and white metal.
Part fit seems generally OK. Clean up was really easy. I've washed in detergent.
I can see some part fit nightmares with the white metal though. Must go carefully.

Lunar module update 3

The kit has been totally assembled now and sprayed with red primer and a coat of Mars Red. I've drawn in the panel lines with pencil. Next up-decals.

Liberator update 3

So I've now attached the pylons and guns to the main body. Although I drilled deeply into the pylon and body the top gun kept pulling forward. Copious amounts of alraldite/superglue/filler was used until the join finally stopped cracking. A cradle will be essential for support.
I sprayed up with grey primer, then over-sprayed with white. Hopefully there is some fine shading going on between colours.
Next up will to apply paneling. Not sure how I'm going to do this, plenty of masks need to be cut plus variations of lighter greys. One option is to use the decal sheet from the Round 2 Surak shuttle kit. Definitely needs some thought.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Liberator update

Glued the guns to the main body today. Drilled out the support arms and inserted two metal rods in each. 2 part resin epoxy was used to attach.
I am very surprised that the arms support the weight of the guns perfectly with no hint of drooping.

Lunar Module update 2

Glued the front to the body today and added the cockpit.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lunar Module Update 1

Work progresses on the UFO Lunar Module.
Today I rubbed down the main body to get it to fit flush to the front end as well as a slight rub down to get the engine to fit flush to the rear of the main body.
All parts have been washed in detergent to remove any release agent.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Moonvisions Lunar Module

New from Moonvisions comes this resin kit of the Lunar Module from Gerry Anderson's UFO.
The kit is excellently cast in resin, together with some vac-form and metal tubing.
The kit comes in a sturdy box and is packed well.
Inside there is a resin base on the moon's surface,also in resin is the front, middle,ribbed section and engine.
There are two vac-form canopies depending if you wish to have clear glass or not.
Another bag contains 3 metal rods and 1 plastic. The plastic is for the engine bell and the metal are a support rod for the base and two for the edging of the ribbed section. There are 2 resin thrusters as well as 6 small resin bits, I've yet to determine what they are.
There is also a resin canopy if you prefer.
An extensive 7 page instruction sheet is supplied along with a picture of all parts supplied.
Then there is the decal sheet containing striping and wording.
The kit cost 74 Euros and is only available through the Eagle Transporter forum.